A short summary of what we’ve achieved and learned during 2011

Happy New Year or Something! Here is a short lump of text along with a list of great lessons learned and accomplished deeds. 2011 has for me been a great year in many ways, and thus I figured it needed some sort of “goodbye speech.” I have learned quite a lot this year; all enlightening, though some gratifying; some saddening. Of course.

In different ways and manners have I encountered new people, and been in social situations that have broadened my hitherto growing understanding of the human psyche. Alas, a lot of these social situations¬† have opened up my eyes to show me the grounds of stupidity and amorality that sums up the modern society of humans. Not that this was news to me, but saddening it is indeed to have one’s empirical theories confirmed. Never mind, this is what I have achieved and learned on the social plane:

  • I have worked for Save the Children, and thus learned that…
  • …a (huge, enormous, astronomical) lot of people are lacking in empathy toward others (not that this was anything new)
  • You have to imitate a clown to gain the interest of the above mentioned.

Moving to a more private sphere, I have taken some steps towards development here as well.

  • I have moved in with my girl friend Candy,
  • …as well as visiting her family. Very nice.

Everyone who has ever seen a Hollywood movie knows what an important step in life this is. As if I had but only one chance to impress utterly on her family and from there on never have to see them again. As if I didn’t want to. Anyway, let’s move on, as this list is beginning to look more like a regular blog post than a list. Considering the spiritual plane:

  • I have had a spiritual experience in grandfather’s sauna. Maybe I will write about it later, but I could not fit it in here. It was something new, though.
  • I have taken spiritually uplifting strolls through the forest during bright summer nights in Norrland. Very peaceful.
  • I have felt the presence of things I have been unable to see in houses of the deceased. Not sure what to think of that.

What else have I done?

  • I have had a gaming relapse (at least I am able to accept my addiction to Minecraft). Not that I wasn’t stranded at the computer anyway.
  • I have just recently started to regulate my consumption of coffee. You, know, for my health’s sake.
  • I have started a musical project on my own, Thamnocera, which is all about philosophy, meditation and the greatness of the Universe. A great way to channel my creativity.
  • I have failed to finish the one and only painting I have started on this year. Truly the saddest thing I never achieved.
  • The last film I saw 2011 was The Polar Express. Second place was Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie. Now, isn’t that an odd couple?
  • The greatest accomplishment this year was again the progress of my creative, philosophical and spiritual self, and along with it the many struggles I’ve fought and defeated together with my beloved Candy. It has taught me more than almost anything else.

I hope that during 2012 I will develop my creativity and spirituality further, and prove to myself that I haven’t lost my painting muse. I also want to be able prove that 2012 will not be the end of the world, so that Earth may continue to rotate and resonate with its beautiful song. What have you achieved and learned during 2011? What hopes do you have for 2012, if any?


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