THE END IS -uh… nigh?

2012 seems to be a year of diminishing freedom. I wrote in my last post about SOPA and how it would allow for copyright abuse the same way current patent laws allow for patent abuse. Even though SOPA never got to see the light of day as an approved legislation (thanks to our vigilant resistance), it was far from the only threat against human rights.

For us Europeans (or at least those of us residing in Great Britain or any other country united with the European Union), another possibly upcoming threat may be the outcome of an “insane” verdict considering copyright infringement. It encourages monopoly on copyright, which may even open up for worse abuse of copyright than SOPA did, and can lead to lawsuits against artists portraying something fairly similar to copyrighted material. Read more about this here. This makes me utterly -let me cite the author of the linked article- “riddled with fear“. Now where to will creativity wander off??

I consider myself quite poorly educated about both of these upcoming legislations, but you may understand my concerns about this whole situation when a supposedly democratic society proposes laws in the discrete. Of course, as always, portions of information has leaked out. Information that makes people shiver. Read more about ACTA here, here and here.

If this year is to signify the regression of free will, democracy and common human rights, as well as the infringement of innovative and creative freedom, then I will surely pray for any 2012-doomsday-prophecy to become fulfilled and take this all away before the year has ended.


One Response to “THE END IS -uh… nigh?”

  1. Very well written, my dear! Since I don’t have the energy to write something of my own about ACTA, I will link back to this post and a few other posts on the topic. 🙂

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