Dirty Mouse

There is a reason why I don’t like Disney movies, and there is a reason why I love the old Disney shorts. The reason why I don’t love the modern Disney is because there is simply too much normative characters, too predictable stories and too much moral, whereas the older Disney cartoons were short sketches that only served a purpose as pure entertainment, many of them completely without morals. Why? Because it is entertainment.

What I like about the older Disney Cartoons, like The Gallopin’ Gaucho, is the rawness of the humor, the odd characters, the fluent animations that gave soul to the sketches. Of course, the cartoons from around the 1940’s to the 50’s have great lightning and realistic animations, but contain too much message and are stained with morals. I don’t think moral is bad, but it seems the only reason Disney’s cartoons moved that way was to enable children to watch the show, as if Mickey’s original rowdy behaviour would be too demoralising for their innocent eyes. In my eyes, this only takes away a lot of charm. That is why I seldom watch the newer Disney cartoons with a smile on my face, and stick to Donald Duck instead. At least his violent nature wasn’t really tamed until around the 80’s (if he ever was). You can always rely on a lazy, exasperated duck.


One Response to “Dirty Mouse”

  1. That is true, you can always rely on Mr. Duck. ^^ Or, at least until the 80’s! 😛

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