5 loves and 5 dislikes (or 10 things that sums up restlessness)

1. I love cold haricot verts, especially when they are almost frozen. They are so refreshing! I dislike when you order a new mobile phone and there is no USB cable provided in the box.

2. I love Spring and the smell of blooming flowers. It smells of life. I dislike when I get allergic reactions from those smells, though.

3. I love the taste of arrack balls and black coffee, especially when it is enjoyed while watching a setting sun. I (slightly) dislike having tons of song compositions playing in my head while there is no time to actually compose them.

4. I love the outcome of my latest dream sketch. It is almost an exact replica of my dream. I dislike however that I cannot remember the face of the person, whose missing face is the reason why the image isn’t complete.

5. I love that I will be ordering a new laptop soon, very soon. I dislike that I will be ordering a new laptop because my stationary computer is breaking down.

All in all, the present state of my life is quite pleasant, seeing that all positive and negative things do not negate each other. Despite my missing USB cable and the lack of time for composing songs, I still have tasty, nearly frozen haricot verts, and I am just about to enjoy a good cup of black coffee and a delightful arrack ball while watching the setting sun.


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