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The Existential System

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Existence, as some of us know it, is a tightly woven web of components. Between these components there exist interrelationships, interdependences and attributes relating to each other in different degrees, but together forming a wholeness. All systems have a gestalt that is unreachable and unfathomable even if the system itself were to break into lesser parts, and all these gestalts form their own wholeness. For example, our “world”, as we define it, is Tellus, which is one of the planets in our solar system, which itself is a part of our galaxy. Our galaxy share the same space with other galaxies, all probably clustered in an ever greater entity. Each of these systems comprise their own components and each component can be further divided into lesser parts. Seeing as our own abstract existence is a constant part of this, and equals the theoretical system, the same rules apply to existence.*

In the systematic perspective, existence is a constant cycle of transformation of output into input that itself withholds identical cycles (adherent to each individual component of reality) of the same function. Everything is but perpetual motion. Thus, whatever we think and do is part of the gestalt and part of the factors transforming it. If one component changes, everything changes. This is worth having in mind as it affects how we define and interpret our surroundings. It is also important to have in mind as it is far to easy to dismiss the power of one’s own presence.

So, for example, whatever choices you define as choices or goals you define as goals will be whatever choices you make or goals you may set. If the answer to the meaning of life is what you seek, then you can only find meaning by defining both life and meaning; by living a meaningful life; by creating an illusion of meaning. If your definition is that death is an inevitable meaningless end, the definitions given death will apply to your life and will not change until your definition of death has changed. A meaningless existence serve no purpose as purpose relates to meaning. If death is seen as a mere bridge to another mode of existence, then the typical fear of death may pull back, making life seem more meaningful.

Therefore, our will, thoughts, experiences, definitions and interpretations rule over how the Universe is reflected back on us. This makes our existence powerful. Life is existence, and existence is the tightly woven web of components that together compose the whole – the gestalt.

*The difference between reality and the theoretical system is that the theoretical system is bound to the human illusion of order and structure, and therefore only works halfway in practice, whereas reality face no bounds or limitations. Existence is disorderly and order in practice can only be brought through the illusion of order, created in a limited space such as the human society.