Lazy Sunday

Ah, how I love lazy Sundays! It was such a long time ago since I had time to just be; to just sit my ass down and do whatever the fuck I feel like. You wake up late, the weather is nice, your apartment has just the right morning temperature (a perfect balance between warm and cold; just enough to make the hair stand out on your arms, but not enough to make your feet cold), and the morning coffee has never smelled so good before. Everything is beautiful; the yellow and red autumn trees, the flocks of birds leaving for a better climate, the glow from lit candles and yes, even the mess in the hallway.

Lazy Sundays are the days when no plans are allowed to get in the way. Just get some bread in the oven, kiss your loved one, sit down and play Little Big Planet while munching on breakfast, lay in bed for a while, take the train to your mother’s place and steal some food, go back home and play some Minecraft, bake scones and watch series… Ah, how I love lazy Sundays!

Wait a minute… It’s Monday, isn’t it?



2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Karoliina Says:

    Hej du! Är allt okej med Angelica? Har int hört nåt från henne. Hälsa henne en massa från mej!

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