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Mandatory 2012 Reflections

Posted in Me with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 22, 2013 by Eyeless

I must say, it didn’t take so long to be so far into this year, or so it seems. For you who started working early in January, I have to say you missed some quality resting time. I certainly didn’t mind taking a week off.

So, whatever did I achieve last year? At the moment it feels like the most boring question ever. Though, it is actually quite important to see whereto you have gone in your development, at least in my eyes.

  1. I reunited with some old friends (<- which means the best among my old friends) during some awesome days at my brother’s place down in the hillbilly south. I also met some other old friends at random points during the year, which was refreshing.
  2. Got a new job last autumn that greatly stabilized my economic situation. I love it! Leaving my old job was releasing. […] and now I can spend money again!
  3. I read my first physical fiction book since… I don’t remember actually… But it was Tove jansson’s Pappan och Havet, which is the second last of the Moomin book series. It’s great.
  4. Started writing fiction again. Don’t think I have anything that could be posted here, though; it’s all written in Schwedish. Oh, well.
  5. Finished my first oil painting since 2010 (See top picture of it). I had been working on this somewhere in 2011, but I couldn’t manage to finish it back then. You don’t play with creativity, you know. That’s one bitter cat. Felt a great closure in finishing it during the Christmas holidays, and it opened me up a bit, so let’s paint some more!
  6. I also survived the end of the Mayan calendar, which was to be expected since I started this blog. I did forget to eat the cake though.* I still laugh at the claim that Mayans “miscalculated” the date and the “real” date is actually – who cares? Why bother? Anxiety-mongers will sooner or later die from a heart attack, anyway.
  7. I played out Halo 4 with my brother Martin at New Year’s eve. It was hell fun but very anticlimactic.
  8. Somewhere at the end of the Julian calendar, I realized I had NOT grown in my spiritual path, but I had faltered and greatly so. Even though this realization struck me as a hurting surprise at first, it has thrown me back onto the road towards enlightenment and broader awareness. Thus, I am of course thankful for realizing I had slipped.
  9. Oh, I also joined Twitter. Why the hell not, I figured.

*EDIT: I now remember that I did not forget the cake! I celebrated the Not-the-end-of-the-world-day with Aci by eating a punch roll (while she ate macarons), which served as a symbolic celebration cake.