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Posted in Writings with tags , , , , on February 2, 2013 by Eyeless

Sunlight through the haze
Touching dreams that burn away
Sleepless I awake
Blind to the years that I have slain
Here in this casket
Waste away, enbalmed in silk
My own quiet Universe
Woven within the shell
Residing deep inside the core
To lose my dreams for evermore

My spirit’s caged within my soul
Which is journeying through space
In this mortal body
and my body is my hearse

The foundation’s in my bones
that constrain my only place
To this hollow aura
and my aura is my hearth

The embers in the hollow heart
that feed the warmth inside me
Grew into a secret
and my secret is my wound

The glitters of the shining sun
that soon will lure me out
Into open fire
and the light will be my death

I will twitch and I will twirl
In the white bright light I’ll curl
A piece of dust
In the greater scheme of things
And nothing’s like
A word of what was said
Not a care is to be found
In this vile poisoned air
And everyone’s asleep
The world could just as much be dead