You fuck the world, you fuck yourself

Everything is everything. It’s as simple as that. You drop a needle, a part of everything changes. Even if you stopped breathing & died, someone or something else will see to it that you are transformed. Even if you do nothing you do something, because everything is part of everything, even nothing. It’s all just a blurry mass of vibrations.

Who are you? You’re it.

So care for the world. Express your feelings and hold nothing back. Stand up for who you are. Display love, hate, sadness, desperation, happiness when it needs to be displayed. If you judge yourself others will judge you too. If you judge them they will judge you back. If you hold up the door for most people, most people will hold up the door for you. If you change, others will change. We live inside a huge sandbox game werein we have maximum influence. All our actions will boil down into the consequences of the future. You choose what future your children will have. You fuck the world, you fuck yourself.


2 Responses to “You fuck the world, you fuck yourself”

  1. yourothermotherhere Says:

    Well said.

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