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Hello there and welcome to my new blog! I am, almost obviously, a Swedish fellow, so if some of my readers and visitors are from Sweden as well, I feel a need to clarify that you will probably not have to write in English just because I do. I am also an aspiring artist and former blogger (my last blog was greyshades.blogg.se) but I ultimately decided that greyshades was too gay and Swedish so I figured: Why not make myself a new but better blog? So, to be more specific and less rude, let’s present myself:
On the net I am mostly known as EyelessEntity, but no one knows why. First of all it is a song title. Second, it is because you could say I am blind to this world. I don’t really care much about trivial everyday things, instead I dwell in other worlds, far away from time and mental confinement. Well, except art, music and film of course (And my friends).

With my art I focus on darkness and the parts of human nature that few people would like to encounter or delve into. You don’t even have to go very far to reach there; just think of a dark room waiting for you to enter, something as simple as that. People tend to shun whatever things that fail to coincide with their moral views. Fascination of darkness seem to be one of those things. Most of my paintings are inspired by dreams, visions, films or books; even sometimes my own personal experiences.

When it comes to books I am mostly inspired by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, a legendary gentleman. Therefore I tend to use the Lovecraftian influences on my own writing; lyrics, poetry and novels. I enjoy surreal motifs and dreamlike panoramas, strange angles and alien geometries which is an interest I have gained mostly from reading H.P.Lovecraft and watching documentaries of deep sea life as a child. Even dereliction and death belongs to those unconventional things i fancy (yes, I know it is a strange choice of description, but it really is true) since I find a natural beauty in the dead and the withered; the very transition of presence into absence is what fascinates me. Hence I also love Gothic art and architecture as they in some degree belong to death. Perhaps I should belong with the romantics of the 1800’s.

When it comes to music, maybe one could (or could not?) derive from what I have already revealed about myself that I listen to metal. Okay, I have to admit that besides this metal thing, I am one of those who listens to “whatever’s good”, but mostly, and preferably, I listen to Doom-, Black- and Death metal, and even some folk metal bands now and then. But once again, mostly anything else goes for listening as well.
Nearly everything I do touches the dark spectrum of evil and depression because, well, that is what I enjoy doing and what inspires me; a sort of creation of life into death. I write novels, lyrics, poetry, I paint, I draw and I sketch, I produce short films and I compose music. And that dark touch to everything.
We can now derive from what has been mentioned the four four pillars upon which my fragile existence depend:


I will write more in-depth about these different pillars and how they are related to me on other pages.


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  1. You’re lovely Darl. Nice blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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