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You fuck the world, you fuck yourself

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Everything is everything. It’s as simple as that. You drop a needle, a part of everything changes. Even if you stopped breathing & died, someone or something else will see to it that you are transformed. Even if you do nothing you do something, because everything is part of everything, even nothing. It’s all just a blurry mass of vibrations.

Who are you? You’re it.

So care for the world. Express your feelings and hold nothing back. Stand up for who you are. Display love, hate, sadness, desperation, happiness when it needs to be displayed. If you judge yourself others will judge you too. If you judge them they will judge you back. If you hold up the door for most people, most people will hold up the door for you. If you change, others will change. We live inside a huge sandbox game werein we have maximum influence. All our actions will boil down into the consequences of the future. You choose what future your children will have. You fuck the world, you fuck yourself.


A Question of Misery

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This is for the depressed, and about the judgmental & ignorant mass of people that we have to wade through in our everyday lives. To all of you who won’t lend a helping hand to your hurt friends because it’s uncomfortable or “too much” or because you expect them to immediately feel better after a pat on the shoulder, please, do go on reading.

Way too often I have experienced people avoiding friends that are depressed, sometimes because it’s too much of a strain to hang out with them and sometimes because it’s apparently a pain in the ass when people are too “lazy” to take care of their own problems. Whatever reason you have to judge the low –for which I see no valid arguments- in which way would judgment make them feel less depressed? How would it take you back to normality if other people judged you without regards to what you’ve been through when you feel low? If you have to be that bothered by the emotions of others, then make them feel better rather than making it worse!

Depression is much like a padded cell; you are imprisoned in a claustrophobic room together with your demon self. If you want the depressed to grab themselves by the neck, if you expect them to get better by being shunned or ignored because you do not simply care too much about the troubles of other humans, you really should not think of yourself as any higher than they; you are not better in any way. Think of the whole situation like this: There are two rooms, one atop the other and a separating floor in between. The separating floor is the obstacle which is depression; this is what the depressed must break through to get better. In the room below the state of depression lies ignorance, above lies enlightenment.

Considering you dislike and judge depressed that much, one could perhaps derive from this that you simply do not want them to feel depressed but lack the ability to express your feelings more elegantly: maybe there’s a slight sense of irritation over the fact that they cannot seem to overcome their woe, that they aren’t normal, like you. But talk to them, God damn it! They won’t have the courage or strength to rise by their own weakened force unless they defeat their ego (I think that I have previously stated in this blog that depression is a battle against the ego. If not, I have now).

You cannot simply expect any of this to happen if you or someone else does not take part as a ladder for them to climb out of their pit on. Sure, some people are strong enough to overcome their agony, but it’s a bit more safe to assume that they’re not. Remember that you risk lowering yourself below them, below depression, where love and life are at halt; you are below the most gloomy way of living, because you do not even strain to care about the pain of others; instead you’ll push them deeper down by condemning them. You’re passing time in ignorance.

Know that the unhelping hand is the worst possible, the one of selfishness, prejudice and utter ego. Depression is a confrontation with the ego, and helping someone to win over their ego might also help you do the same. Ego is an alluring force, but beyond the ego there’s a slice of enlightenment waiting to be found. I think this is worth fighting for, and worth helping others to fight for.

Unfolding Mysteries

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Scan Resized

Isn’t that what life is about?

Age of Collapse / Age of Communication

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We open our eyes
and with our souls
we inhale the void
beyond this planar body

Never to exhale

Somewhere, in the great nothing
there is something;
a deserted isle of despair;
where everything distorts

The echoes of silence
ring across the barren plains
and speaks for everyone else
driving everything so desperately apart

whatever we do
never breaks through

The barriers of our thoughts,
the carriers of our fear,
that worries our minds,
the wearier we become

The ache that voilently possesses
the free mind;
it injects the blood with a hunger
which pulls us further away from all connections

Like statues we transport
ourselves to the industry
baffled by our own
apathetic mirrored selves

Restlessly floating in that void
right in front of our faces,
yet still so inhumanly far away,
just inhaling time

Never to exhale

Our vessels move forward
but our spirits remain still
yet our minds are far from empty
for we hide therein

We keep our faces static;
dissasociated; locked and cold
distantiate from the warmth
of all other forms of life

Breathe as little as only dying breed does
we speak only to our thoughts
and gently sweep ourselves away;
hover into the great black hole

With our crowns glowing high above our heads
we acknowledge the age of collapse
then fall back into the descending line
and retreat further into hibernation

Art featured!

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Wouldn’t a great day start with having your art featured? You may find it here on DeviantArt. Thank you!

Happy… Fucking… Valentines…

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Smack! The title speaks for itself.

Happy Holidays

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This should actually have been posted earlier (no shit…), but due to lack of Internet I had to wait patiently up until now. Let us celebrate the new year with another Christmas!