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I Like Horror Movies

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1. …where you don’t really care about the main characters and the killer is like the hero, and you go all “Yeah, go get ’em Jason! Oh no, they don’t need those heads! Cut ’em off!” And you laugh from beginning to end…Like The Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Halloween. It does not have to be a slasher movie just because I’ve only mentioned slashers, but all horror movies where the bad guy is the cool guy and the good guy is a nobody whose friends you want to see torn to shreds!

2. …because they either make me laugh, or their atmosphere  seizes me. I love The Thing and Alien just because of their powerful atmosphere and the dark environments. The Exorcist used to scare the shit out of me when I was a small kid. Among the ridiculous and funny ones belong Evil Dead 2, Braindead and Re-Animator. They are hilarious to watch!

3. …that are so violent that they almost make you turn away, like most torture-porn films do. I cannot stand watching needles piercing eyes, nails and teeth being pulled out and fingers being cut off. You know, the small parts of the body are the most feely parts. I can’t really come up with any example for this type of film so I will let you do that!

Borrowed from The Gebster’s series “Scariest Horror Movie Scenes”, check them out!

Question: What kind of horror movies do you prefer watching? (and don’t forget to name a torture porn movie!)


Three Things

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…I like about myself? Well, you are the ones that think I am hot so you tell me.

Haha, no… I am just kidding as always. I was inspired by my friend Placebohoe’s post this day about being happy with yourself as you are.  She encouraged her readers to post three things about their appearance that they like. Here is my share:

1. My weird hair that always goes its own way.

2. My big Vallonian nose. It’s just so non-Swedish!

3. My orcish teeth! You’ve gotta love those fangs, don’t you!? So characteristic and unique! (I was going to say my hairy hobbit feet, but that would have been a turn-off, wouldn’t it?)


What do YOU like about yourselves? I like you just like you are, sexy and all… but do you hold any specific features that you are extraordinary proud of wearing?

Whatup for the Weekend?

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This song makes me really happy, I play it a lot.

I thought I would be watching film by now… Turned out I will play games instead with some friends that just invited themselves in. I don’t really know what we’re going to play but maybe I will check back here later and tell you guys? Yeah, that might actually be a bit of fun.

I thought I would be home from school today, but apparently I wasn’t. Instead I have been working with SQL and tedious stuff like that. Yeah… I thought I would have some nice little picture or text to show you, but I guess I will do that later. After all, there is a lot I haven’t shown you yet!

Now give me a smile and I’ll see ya for a while!


By the way: Have you got any plans for this weekend? Anything special? No? What do you humans usually do on weekends? I want to know!

Sleeping Brains and Blog Contests

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Hi there, folks! Today, you could say I have been nearly dead. Why you ask? Because I slept until 3pm, that’s why. This means I missed school today, which is less yay, plus: my school’s community site is failing me, which means I cannot watch the recorded lecture. Which sucks!

Anyway I’m out of ideas today, because my brain is still sleeping, so I will give you a picture instead. I guess I’ll compensate for this empty post in my next post.

U Wanna Play? Really? Are you feeling lucky, punk?


Happy Reader Fun Time!

Last Sunday thatEyelessEntity joined a blog contest! And, it was a Swedish one! Yay! Schwedisch!

Anyway, I would be grateful as hell if you could pop in there and vote for me! I know it’s in Swedish, but don’t let that scare you away! I’ll guide you:

First off, you’ll need the link to the blog…

Second, write  your name in the section below “namn

Third, write “I’ll vote for nr 13!!! Because he’s simply the best!” in the comments section.

Fourth, click the button! “skicka kommentar

Fifth, you’re done! Thank you! ❤

Ponyo (4.5/5)

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Actually I didn’t know what to write today, so randomly I decided to write something about Ponyo, you know, Miyazaki’s film from 2008?

What is it about? The magical goldfish Ponyo accidentally gets lost in the tainted world of humans, where a young Sōsuke finds her, washed ashore and stuck in a glass jar. Sōsuke rescues her and keeps her as his pet, and it does not take long before they have developed a special relation. However, Ponyo’s father the wizard is not too happy about this…

My thoughts on Ponyo: The movie was stunningly beautiful, as always with Hayao Miyazaki’s films. His wonderful imagination was shown throughout the movie, it is like an underwater dream. The creatures and the painted-by-hand-environment are both amazing, and the plot reminds me of old japanese mythology. The characters have this childish and humorous side which is typical of Miyazaki, and very genuine too.  A very cute and thoughtful film. Even metal heads like me could cry from watching it. Plus great music by Joe Hisashi!

Rating: 4.5/5! 😀


Reader’s Questions:

How come you’ve not made any cartoons? I mean, like little series? I think your drawings would make an interesting comic!

Actually, I have thought about that. I have had several ideas for comics, but I will need to develop another technique for that. I wouldn’t be able to draw the same character on 5 pages and make him look exactly the same. I have started a few projects long ago, although none have been finished. I have pondered drawing some kind of strip-series with brutal and raw humour though… Thanks for asking! 😀