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Posted in Writings with tags , , , , on February 2, 2013 by Eyeless

Sunlight through the haze
Touching dreams that burn away
Sleepless I awake
Blind to the years that I have slain
Here in this casket
Waste away, enbalmed in silk
My own quiet Universe
Woven within the shell
Residing deep inside the core
To lose my dreams for evermore

My spirit’s caged within my soul
Which is journeying through space
In this mortal body
and my body is my hearse

The foundation’s in my bones
that constrain my only place
To this hollow aura
and my aura is my hearth

The embers in the hollow heart
that feed the warmth inside me
Grew into a secret
and my secret is my wound

The glitters of the shining sun
that soon will lure me out
Into open fire
and the light will be my death

I will twitch and I will twirl
In the white bright light I’ll curl
A piece of dust
In the greater scheme of things
And nothing’s like
A word of what was said
Not a care is to be found
In this vile poisoned air
And everyone’s asleep
The world could just as much be dead


Age of Collapse / Age of Communication

Posted in Artwork, Writings with tags , , , , , , , , on November 24, 2012 by Eyeless

We open our eyes
and with our souls
we inhale the void
beyond this planar body

Never to exhale

Somewhere, in the great nothing
there is something;
a deserted isle of despair;
where everything distorts

The echoes of silence
ring across the barren plains
and speaks for everyone else
driving everything so desperately apart

whatever we do
never breaks through

The barriers of our thoughts,
the carriers of our fear,
that worries our minds,
the wearier we become

The ache that voilently possesses
the free mind;
it injects the blood with a hunger
which pulls us further away from all connections

Like statues we transport
ourselves to the industry
baffled by our own
apathetic mirrored selves

Restlessly floating in that void
right in front of our faces,
yet still so inhumanly far away,
just inhaling time

Never to exhale

Our vessels move forward
but our spirits remain still
yet our minds are far from empty
for we hide therein

We keep our faces static;
dissasociated; locked and cold
distantiate from the warmth
of all other forms of life

Breathe as little as only dying breed does
we speak only to our thoughts
and gently sweep ourselves away;
hover into the great black hole

With our crowns glowing high above our heads
we acknowledge the age of collapse
then fall back into the descending line
and retreat further into hibernation


Posted in Writings with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 3, 2012 by Eyeless

We travel through the span of a lifetime
not even aware of what travels with -and within- us.
Wasting away the cycles of our existence
Is part of our miserable being.

A pill to numb the pain
Blind faith to restrain the thoughts
Our nature is of waste,
If not of ignorance.

Whatever illusion is lost by knowledge,
Is soon traded for another illusion,
As reality in its truest form
Is an ocean too vast for our minds to brave.

As always, we steer our bodily vessels with fear
Away from anything unknown
Every moment of thought is washed;
Anointed with a paranoid phobia of the end

As every single ending in our lives
Reminds our subconsciousness of our own ultimation
Thus, we suffocate our idle minds
With the anxiety that precedes enlightenment

We travel through the span of a lifetime,
Not even aware of what travels through us;
The ultimate illusion;
Time, and death,
United with the sun.

LCHF: The Masquerade

Posted in Writings with tags , , , , , , , , on February 19, 2012 by Eyeless

“During the lunar eclipse obscure rites were held and performed in halls of greed and gluttony. There, in the candle-lit gloom, dark cults grew to serve unholy deities of the nether realms, which in turn enticed their mad followers to succumb to ever more gluttony, lies and denial of truth. They were to sacrifice their free will and fall under the enchanting spell of horrendous low carb-high fat diets, so that they would all unite in death through a massive collective heart attack, due to atherosclerosis. As if this sacrifice would not still the hunger of the eldritch horrors that led them, a few chosen cultists were incited to taint all human blood. During these dark ages, their plague would come to spread over the kingdom of mankind, and what reason lay behind this doom, only forgotten gods would know…”

I certainly hoped that this was nothing but fiction, although after revealing expeditions through random locations on The Internet (as usual) I fear it is but the truth, at least in the near future. My spine shivers with dread…

Brought Them Back to Calm

Posted in Writings with tags , , , on January 18, 2012 by Eyeless

Born in the cage

Set free in flames

Chain the slaves in clay

Working through the pain

Sleepless night and days

Everyone (sky) the same

The soldiers of the clay

Let them die in vain.

Slaughter during  rage

Cherish in the stains.

The weight of one brick

In a thousand palms

The power of the stick

Break their spines unarmed

A cure for the sick

Needles in their arms

Nothing left to see

Brought them back to calm.

Counting all the prey

The falcon on it’s throne

Leaping down upon

The shadows of those men.


Counting all the kills

Sculpt them all in stone

Shatter with one strike

Hide them in the mound.


Posted in Writings with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 9, 2011 by Eyeless

Death leaves no redemption
For the lost souls that struggle through life
It lies within us
A dark torment inside

It grows already in our fate
As we fall towards the edge
Without the sun that kills our fear
Murdering our miserable lives


Posted in Writings with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 5, 2011 by Eyeless

Disclaimer: I did not take the original photo, however I stand for the photo editing.*

“By the frozen lake the spirits lay
Agonized she whispers of the shadows
In the corners of her eyes
Craving her descent into the spiral

They pull her down
With one last look upon
The image of her pale
Unforgiven face

The mimicry of pain all hollowed out
And painted cold onto the canvas of her skeleton
Writhing silver landscape that
Framed her farewell without a word

The final chapter builds an end
Creating death inside the mind
As the cycle once more turns
And fate still strays behind

Streams of sand run across the glass
Floating high in the breeze
This serpent road of consequence that
Framed her farewell without a word

Just silently passing by
Towards the bleeding dawn
As the cycle once more turns
And fate still strays behind.”

*I do not know the owner of the photo, since I got it from an anonymous user on some quite obscure stock site.