As I have already said numerous times before, I am an artist, so welcome to my gallery! Well, this is actually only a preview of my works, since I already have a full gallery (see link below). I will not upload more pictures on this specific page in the future; instead I will upload them in my posts under the category Art.

A short summary of me and my relation to art: I have been an artist since I was born, so to speak. I guess that I was kind of…special (a fine word for retarded, folks). I did not speak until I was about two years old, I guess I kept everything inside my own world; I was almost in a melancholic state you could say. When I finally learned how to express myself in THIS world, I guess there was so much I had to show; so many emotions and ideas that had been sleeping within me.

I do not remember my first creations, but the oldest picture I remember was from when I was somewhere around 3-5 years old, depicting three or four monstrous pirates with fanged mouths and spirals instead of eyes and hooks instead of hands. I remember I made them that way because I wanted them to look twisted and evil. I loved pirates when I was a kid (now, who didn’t!?), and I loved monsters as well. This twisted touch to most things I draw have followed me through my whole life, taking only a few short pauses now and then.

I was very visual as a kid…VERY visual. Often this got in the way when I was playing with the other kids in the neighbourhood, because I was often unable to describe my imagination in words, and therefore had to run home to get pen and paper and literally DRAW what the fictional characters I was playing looked like. In the end, no one wanted to play with me any more… Hehe, playing with me required too much time for most kids…

Later on in my life, when I was around 14-15 years old was when I really started to develop my skills. Of course I had developed before, but now was when I had developed a style. I used more details and shading in my works. I wouldn’t call my creations from this period art, but they were a “preface” to my new chapters as a true artist. I tried many different styles and was very influenced by fantasy. I read a lot of fantasy books, especially Tolkien. I was also into a lot of roleplaying and Dungeons & Dragons had made a big impact on me and my drawings, and my twisted ideas took a little rest.

It was not until I got into the world of Lovecraft (I was 18 at this time) that this evil within me awakened with doubled strength. I was thrown into a complete new style, heavily influenced by black metal, H.R.Giger, John Jude Palencar, David Firth and Zdzislaw Beksinski. This period gave my art a much darker and more surreal nature. I delved into a lot of symbolism to invite people to interpret my art. Everything I have done since 2008-2009 has something personal in it, and when you look and my paintings or read my novels, you are looking at me, and I welcome you all to my mind.

Link to my full gallery:


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