Oh, Did I mention that my life is music? No?

Well, I never really had a “music taste” until the past few years of my life. If someone asked me “Aye, Jacob! What’s your favourite music genre?”…well, I didn’t know what to answer. I mean, if they asked about my favourite movie genre I would with no doubt say HORROR! But when it came to music, I just…didn’t care much. I listened to music, but I almost never did. I would answer the question with “Umm, I dunno…whatever’s good?”

It was not until the Walkman walked into to my life that I started listening more, because you could carry it with you at ALL TIMES. Wow! What an invention! Of course I didn’t have a Walkman, but my brother did. Therefore his music taste influenced me heavily with trance and house.

When walkmen transformed into magical Mp3’s, I again abused my brother’s stuff of course. But at that time I had started listening to more rock and metal music (because the world of downloading had opened up for me; bless technology!), while he was still stuck in the marshlands of electronica… At Christmas; My mother gave me my very own mp3, and it took me a while (About a whole damn year) until I used it.

But one day, at the age of 16, I decidedly transferred some tracks onto my mp3 to try it out. Suddenly, I got myself lost in a world of almost trance-like state, where I would walk to school every morning with music flowing in my ears. It was a fruity mix of the electronic music, rap, metal and lots of weird stuff. As years went by, the days when I didn’t listen to music turned into hours, then minutes…Suddenly, I had music pumping into my brain 24/7, and the metal genre had started taking over the playlists in my mp3. During those years, when I was around 17-18 I was almost antisocial. Music was my only real friend, that really understood me.

Today, I still listen a LOT to music, but I am more social of course. Music is, and have always been, the nectar of my spirit since I founded a music taste on my own. I compose music myself, and discernible therein are all the changes of music styles I have gone through. My early stuff was dominated by electronic sounds and high tempo, while my recent work is somewhat like slow-paced doom metal with some ambient and industrial influences. My own making of music origins from that lack of favourite genre. I play for myself to listen. I love creating it, and I love listening to it.


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