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A Myth Takes Hold

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This post is generalizing as hell.

People believe what other people say. Criticism is not seldom viewed as negative, even if the criticism itself is constructive in nature (People don’t want to change because change requires: 1. effort 2. the bravery of heading into the evolution of future. 3. Anti-criticism-people are afraid of change -aka the unknown- and would therefore rather stay and rot in their comfort zones than develop into something better -because, after all, “everyone is special“. I detest the “No one is a loser” speech. Not because I have faith in the paradigms of good/bad or winner/loser, but because the “everyone is special“-argument does nothing but nullify the existence of loss, and as a bonus, they don’t have to expose themselves to the strain of adapting to the new stuff. These people cannot deal with loss, because they suck at it, are afraid of it, hate it, or something else like that. They don’t want to lose, they only want to know that everything is fine with them, they’re PERFECT just the way they are, and therefore they will end up as undeveloped, nullified personas).

Getting back to the initial subject: People believe what other people say far too easily. Friends pass bullshit onto other friends, parents pass it on to their children and the children have faith in their deceptive hypocritical parents, and pass on the bullshit of the older generations to the younger generation, so the shit can spread real well. The younger generation has a more naive viewpoint than the older generation, so whatever information they snatch up easily becomes distorted so as to fit their world view. And the wheel turns around once more.

Thus, a myth is born. To unenlightened people, a surprisingly huge lot of “facts” and “truths” will soon enough reveal themselves as nothing but rumors and lies planted somewhere in the fathomless past. Still, we have this nasty habit of spreading the bullshit of our own generations around. Why? Because we believe the fuck out of what our family & friends tell us!

The friend of a friend tells you that dogs can’t look up? Nah, that’s bullshit. Unless he wears glasses or went to University, then he must be a smartass who clearly knows what he’s talking about!

A very simplified example, but nonetheless, that’s sometimes how bullshit spreads. This person said this, this other person said that. Oh my, no way! Gossip is entertaining, that’s a simple statement. Who cares if it’s the truth when there’s a little drop of drama at last? Who cares about what truth or what lies the surrounding people derive their bullshit from?

Exactly, who cares? Because no one does. Because if you do, you are a critic, and regular people do not like criticism. Because doubting the validity of information is lack of trust. Not many people like distrust. I want to tell them: Then start finding out the truth, damn it.


Notes About the Authentic Self from a Damaged Mind

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Try being yourself uncriticized – won’t fuckin’ work. As we are mirrors of our surroundings we will all become our own worst critics, sooner or later. We simply care so much about how our fellow humans see us that we can’t focus on how we see ourselves.

It shows in how we interact with our surroundings, in our hypocrisy, but it’s really all compromise & adaption. We change ourselves so that others will accept us, but still it is an uncomfortable change, for we want things to be  absolute and firm. What irritates us with change is that nothing stays the same. Ironically, nothing’s as absolute as the ever-changing Now – change is absolute chaos, and chaos is what it is – Everything.
The Now is the adapting presence that bridges all modes of time – past, present, future. What you do and who you are now is what remains of yesterday, and what will develop into whom you are tomorrow. Don’t hang up on trying to become yourself for the sake of others, instead try just being authentic for a while, change for your own sake. Then, what’s authentic?
Not having to think about what you should do, who you should be, where you should go. Authenticity is void of expectations. You don’t have to set your goals because they’re already in your gut. You don’t have to rely on trusting or doubting your feelings, that’s what the third eye is for – insight.
Your authentic self is unquestionably the Real you. Authentic is all that you already are, do, where you go & what you will develop into from the present. Authentic is every part of your existence that unites with the Now. Authenticity is important because we are the authors of our own lives, and as authors we all wear our own individual marks, scars and styles and it shows in our Everything. Authentic is the opposite of your questions – it is your answer.