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Awakened and Grumpy

Posted in Me with tags , , , , , on March 14, 2014 by Eyeless

After a three-month writing hiatus, I have emerged from my burrow like a grumpy old marmot who has overslept Groundhog day and hasn’t yet realized Winter has been blown over and that Spring as just arrived. Punxsutawney Phil’s annual 15 minutes of fame is an important and prideful moment for any marmot. It is not something you simply miss out on. One fact that is important to know about the marmot is that it is a race of proud, subterranean people. Being elegantly minded but less elegantly locomoted and a bit insecure, the marmot is easily offended -far too easily.

All sorts of thoughts and ideas have been bubbling around in the tiny head of the dreaming marmot. Deep under those layers of fat and fur, a lullaby has been whispering secret messages that have travelled far from the past to speak of the future. But they did not lull him into deeper sleep, they stirred his dreams and upset his mind. This morning, his hibernation came to an end. A rather cool sun of the early Spring shone in his face and tickled his whiskers and dazzled his eyes. You do not mess with a marmot. You let the marmot sleep, and you let him sleep until he has fully rested. No one wants a grumpy marmot.

I can write about marmots for seven days straight.