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Shape Shifter

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Because phasing through walls are the next gen and totally cool.


The Attachment to Bad Habits or Yet Another Wall Of Text

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Sometimes the human mind tends to stop listening for negative responses to new changes and habits even after a shorter time span. One less positive consequence is the trial-and-error way of thinking applied to changing lifestyles: “I haven’t gained a pound since I started eating crappy food last week, guess I can continue eating crap then.
The negative part is the conclusion that if nothing happens within a few days, nothing will happen. Thus attachment to the new habit is made possible, and without critical thinking the attachment seems to be personal.

One example of this behavior states itself in the commentary section of a certain blog post I read recently, in which the author criticizes a claim that a certain diet can cure cancer. Defendants quickly showed up, arguing for the diet and its many positive functions, and how they had never noticed anything bad about the diet after following it for a couple of months. Although these comments are irrelevant to the author’s blog post (seeing as she merely criticized the claim, not the diet), they made me ponder the link between attachment to a cause and defending a cause.

Once people get attached to a certain cause, they seem to be able to defend their cause relentlessly without neither second thought nor self-insight; as if they panickedly attached to as many strings as possible and held on to those strings out of pure fear of falling into the great and horrifying void of the real world.

Why is attachment so dear to us? Because it offers automatic stability; reason without individual thought? The strings of attachment rather tie you to the ground, do everything for us but give us nothing back. They add to our interpretation and vision of the world, but offer no question marks, no freedom of thought and offer no perspective on life other than it already appears to us.

Without perspective we will simply settle for one satisfying explanation instead of taking the time to figure out things for ourselves or question what we read or hear. Seeing as attachment is all about feeling secure, it is more secure to say that a certain diet will not cure cancer than to say it does, or to be cautious about new habits and diets rather than to assume that there is nothing wrong because nothing exceptional has happened. It is more secure to unlearn and re-learn what one has learned rather than defending an argument or claim by principle.

Cancer Boy Saves The Day!

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For that special girl I like.