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Katatonia – Distrust

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Heading for anything better than this


“We have Lost”

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We have lost our grip and our face
Helplessly fading, slipping away
From Somewhere…out of space
Out of sight, or light of day

A dismal void, so dark and cold
Not a sound, Nor the slightest move
Two statues grey that shadows withhold
Cursed with distress… haunted by rue

Too far We have finally come,
Far from this ireful world again
Two stars without a sun
Trapped in pain without an end

The Meaning of Life

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Perhaps you have noticed that discussions late at night often –if not always- tend to stride from premature jokes to existential subjects? Now, how often do you not stumble upon the one question: What is the meaning of life? I think I can give you a fairly satisfying answer. Or lesson perhaps…

First though, I think we need to know what life and death really are. For indeed we cannot question something that we are unable to identify and expect a satisfying answer, am I right? Now, how do we define these?

Most of what we know about life circulates around carbon-based life forms, breathing, moving things, but we must also remember that there are other types of life. The old alchemists separated life in three different categories: animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. To them everything had a soul, as stated above even minerals. Life does exist everywhere –only not always in the way that we know it.

And how do we define death? We know even less about that subject. To me, death is but a transitional phase in the cycle of life, for life is a cycle just like all other things in this world. But if this is true, it would mean that there is no “real” death, because there is no end in a cycle. Our conscience scatters with the rest of our decomposing body as we are devoured by maggots and insects, weather and wind. The energy that once composed our life now feeds their lives, gives them energy to live on, and creates new earth and dust to this world once we have passed through their tiny bodies…

I think now that I have somewhat given you my definitions of life and death, we could maybe see them as a whole, as I have said, a cycle of sorts. Would that really give us an answer? Well, the truth is, I am afraid, there might not be an answer. When I take part in these late night discussions about life and death, I sometimes sigh and say “This discussion is pointless, it has no value and will truly not develop into anything constructive, perhaps only lead to new questions at best.

As I said when talking about death, I do not believe in it. And since death is the opposite of life, I cannot fully believe in life either. For humans tend to think of life and death as a straight line from beginning to end, black and white, while I differ in the way that I see our existence as a mere transfer of energies from one state to another, in a cycle which never really ends. For we all know that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed into another kind of energy, but not many of us will realize that life is energy! We never die, we merely transform.

“42!” Said the computer to the people.

To give you a perhaps satisfying answer: Life is eternal, only you won’t reside in the same old shell all the time. Just like you change your clothes every other day, your soul or life energy will change the body it stays in. Whether it be human, plant or mineral, it does not really matter. But we live.

Shape of Despair – Still-Motion

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Bleeding inner to suffer with time.

Agalloch – Kneel To the Cross

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And it’s ever so wrong to dare to be strong.

Marilyn Manson – Man that you fear

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I was born into this, everything turns to shit.

Another Thing I like to do

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I like listening to music. And I like listening to Porcupine Tree. They are not my favourite band, but they make me feel very calm, and I love the lyrics.