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LCHF: The Masquerade

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“During the lunar eclipse obscure rites were held and performed in halls of greed and gluttony. There, in the candle-lit gloom, dark cults grew to serve unholy deities of the nether realms, which in turn enticed their mad followers to succumb to ever more gluttony, lies and denial of truth. They were to sacrifice their free will and fall under the enchanting spell of horrendous low carb-high fat diets, so that they would all unite in death through a massive collective heart attack, due to atherosclerosis. As if this sacrifice would not still the hunger of the eldritch horrors that led them, a few chosen cultists were incited to taint all human blood. During these dark ages, their plague would come to spread over the kingdom of mankind, and what reason lay behind this doom, only forgotten gods would know…”

I certainly hoped that this was nothing but fiction, although after revealing expeditions through random locations on The Internet (as usual) I fear it is but the truth, at least in the near future. My spine shivers with dread…


Happy… Fucking… Valentines…

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Smack! The title speaks for itself.