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The world outside the box

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Does anyone remember the 9-dots problem? Without lifting your pencil, draw 4 straight lines that connect all 9 dots.

If you cannot solve this problem, then there is evidence that the gestalt theory is strong. When we look at this image, our mind groups the dots together, forming a unity (the “whole”; the “gestalt”). This is what makes the puzzle hard to solve. It is also this type of perception that makes it hard for people to understand each other sometimes.  With this statement I’m getting at the eventual difficulties that might distort the one same message sent between two people with different ideas/views/perspectives on a gestalt.

One example is me when talking. I am quite used to getting misunderstood or having messages misinterpreted due to my heavy, almost narcotic, use of metaphors in my language. My metaphors are by some people seen as far-fetched; which either could be true, or either is due to their unability to think outside the box the way I do. At the moment I am thinking it would be interesting to see if they could solve the problem above… Do not interpret me as some sort of narcissist, however. I may be one at times but in this post I am merely stating the obvious fact that people think and interpret things individually. If it is better to think outside the box, then that is up to your opinion or interpretation.

Examples of metaphors I’ve used that has been seen as far-fetched is when comparing the vanity in trying to criminalize and defeat drug dealing with the vanity in trying to criminalize and defeat students cheating on exams. Both situations are comprised of an authority that strives to constrain a chaotic phenomenon to obey law and order. The reason why these authorities act in vain is because the authorities act and think within the box. Law is the nine dots in a box; it cannot solve the problem above. Those that are not constrained by law and order can do what they want; they can easily see the solution to the nine-dot problem because they are opportunists; they work around the law because there is a profit and a solution to their problem (lack of money, the drug addiction in other people, the lack of knowledge, time to study, etc). Personally, I think that drugs should be legalized since it would be easier to control than to criminalize a phenomenon that have always existed. There have always existed and will always exist minds that work around the laws and think outside the box. I don’t think there is a solution to cheating on exams, either. They are both uncontrollable phenomenons, but maybe that is not my point.

My metaphor is seen as far-fetched because people unable to think outside the box cannot see why I am comparing an activity related to school with an activity related to crime. I cannot compare students with drug dealers because they are not the same. I see no wrong in this type of metaphor. Maybe I am just damaged by the Bible studies in my youth; maybe I have been too damaged by Jesus’ many parables. However; in my mind; if Jesus can compare Heaven to a mustard seed, I can compare cheating students with criminal drug dealers.