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City of Sleep

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We are colours in the dark
I fade in the far away
From you, and all this,
Whatever this might be

There are days I cannot leave behind
Our memory rewinds itself
Whenever you see me there
Let me pass silently by
Time is running backwards here


Thoughts Circling Around Depression I

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When pain is all we know, and all that greets us every day, the only reward we get and the one ultimate feeling we have…How does one confront this?

What would be your reaction when you cannot define happiness any more? When silence and razors are your sole friends? Would you make them your friends, or would you shun them? In a world of utter darkness and loneliness, what would you do?

6 Am Nonsense

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The world does indeed do wonderful things through exploding skies

I cannot stop but wonder where the flowers will grow tomorrow

Perhaps will they escape to new lands and settle there when all dies here

But still all this will be drenched in the coming veil of cold winds and fog

Aware of that time of death I am, but naught do I cower or care

For I would not mind being swept away by misty morning winds anyway

A Curious Kind of Journey

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Not too long ago I had a period of absence, which of course had its reasons, as anything else. During roughly a week I have been on a weird little journey. I am not talking about my visit at my grandmother’s house (which, for your information, did occur during that one week), but the journey within me during the visit.

You see, up north (in Norrland) is were my family comes from, both my mother and my  father and their families. Whenever I am up there, I always get the feeling of belonging. It feels like my true home. My spirit is lifted whenever I am there or even think of the beautiful nature, that blooms in Summer and doubles in beauty during Autumn.

Quite obviously, it is therefore a great place for me to contemplate in; to think over past decisions; to clear my head and to remember joyful moments. I sometimes feel both sadness and happiness at the same time. Two days before my departure I spent a moment for myself in the garden house, just to meditate or listen to the silence. The stillness in the air was like that of some Eden and I could imagine and visualize  with ease, the colourful energies that built up my body and the nature around.

I left with calmness in my heart, and with reborn inspiration. Inspiration that had been sleeping this whole year. I love Norrland, but especially the nature there. I hope that some day I will live there, at least temporarily but if so, let it be for a long while. I will miss the dark forests, the rocky coastline and the cold breeze from the seas, the silhouetted hills against the setting sun and the flaming skies. Such an inspiration.

10 Items Or Less (4/5)

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Quite long since my last film suggestion I figured, so I decided to upload this one right now. I saw 10 Items or Less during a visit at my grandmother’s house (which I will write about shortly), and had no clues whatsoever of what it was about, as usual…A quite enjoyable night, it was.

Morgan Freeman plays himself (although we actually never get to hear his name during the film). He has been inactive for four years, but has some kind of upcoming project taking form in his head. Paz Vega takes part as the Spanish girl Scarlet.  She is hard-working and talented, but stuck at the 10-items-or-less lane. She hates her work and is applying for a job at another company. They randomly meet when the Actor notices Scarlet and is impressed by her way of working.

10 Items or Less is definitely worth a watch (well, first off I would not suggest the film if it was not worth watching). There is no real plot except some weird occurrences during a set of days, with the camera following the two main characters which would both be plain tragic if separated, but are hilarious together! I feel the film is too short, and it would still be enjoyable if at least 10 or 20 more minutes were added. The film really made me glad, partially thanks to the acting. At once my problems and everyday conflicts were washed away with the catching dialogue and the weird characters.  4/5!

One of the best scenes.

21st Century Schizoid Man

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Death seed blind man’s greed
Poets’ starving children bleed
Nothing he’s got he really needs
Twenty first century schizoid man

– King Crimson, 21st Century Schizoid Man

Doom:VS – Half Light

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Let me see sleep for a while