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Let’s Stay Here For A While

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“Is something going to happen today?


A Quick Update On Things

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Check this band out, November’s Doom. They have some very good songs.

This week has been a very busy one. Most of my time has gone to studying for a “re-exam” and a long series of assignments of various sorts. I have had this wave of inspiration pulsing through my mind recent, but because of the aforementioned reasons, I have not had the time nor the ambition to finish or fulfill my ideas. What I am currently working on (art-wise) is a series of images, each one depicting one of the seven original deadly sins. My best friend Placebohoe was the one that gave me the idea, since she have already made her depicting of the sins. Sending thanks to her for the  inspiration and recommend you to visit her blog.

Hopefully, some new texts or a film review might pop up in the future. Considering future, I wish you all a fortunate one until the next time!

Scars of the Midnight Sky

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We were dying stars
Our light, fading still
So distant in the abysmal void
We were scars of the midnight sky

When ashes have fallen
Guarding the buried shore
Above waits the pale glowing Moon
Under its light, our children dies

We used to float on those waves,
Now we separate from their clouds
A storm has not yet settled
And we drift further away

As time lays its veil upon the night
The forlorn shadows returned
A ceremony of gloom and sorrow
Life has lost against tomorrow

Alan Wake

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What’s keeping me up at night is this brand new game (or should I really say brand new? It has been in production since 2004-2005 I think), called Alan Wake, made by Finnish Remedy. It must be one of the most; if not THE most hyped video game this year. Even a 6-part film series, Bright Falls, was on air prior to the games release, functioning as a prequel to the game.

The first time I heard about Alan Wake was somewhere around 2006-2007 I think. The developers had released a teaser (not the one above, if I find it I will show you guys), which was really mind-blowing! Never before have horror games been this cinematic, not even Silent Hill; not as far as I can recall. The gameplay is built up much like Bright Falls, with several episodes following one after another. Every episode is opened with the stereotypical “Previously on…” TV-series summary, which enforces the whole movie-feeling.

The game -as it shows- circulates mainly around light and darkness, mystery and a lot of twists! Also, it reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Fog, which of course is a plus. You will find yourself running like a mad dog through any dark corners just to reach the next source of light and safety, then looking back at the twisted shadows and think that you survived the darkness once again… I have been following up on the comments on Remedy’s Youtube channel, and this far they have only gotten very positive feedback on this game, so I guess I will have to recommend it.

Alan Wake is about a horror author whose inspiration has run dry. To cleanse his thoughts from the stressful big city he takes off with his wife to Bright Falls, a typical deer-fest town where everybody knows everybody. Unfortunately, Alan is barely able to settle in before weird things start happening. And it all starts with a nightmare…

As The Candle Fades

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Before the last burning candle fades
I bless those memories I’ve discarded
Took for granted my last days of hope
Every second here…another heavy burden

Alone I sit, decaying in gloom
Inside this room filled with misery
Inside this cocoon of withered thoughts
Now dusk lies behind, and before me eternal night

The hour-glass is resting at it’s edge
Countless scars ornamenting my arms
A thousand wrongs, echoes from the past
The moon is leaving me without light

So far from the forgiving hours of day
And as the nightmares crawl slowly into my head
My chest grows weaker, the air grows thinner
And the last burning candle….fades away…

Something I like to do

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You know what I like? I like starting discussions, provoking people into debating existential subjects with me.
You know who I like to provoke the most? Americans! Internet People! Evangelists!
Why? Because… well it is obvious, right?

Most of them, the ones I like to provoke, are into themselves. They are so lost. They are so manipulated. I mean, yes, there needs to be a balance, but why? How come such large numbers of people are so indescribably unintelligent and primal? It boggles me more than almost anything, so, I seek them out. Start discussions. Debate. And it is hilarious as much as it is educative. I like talking with ignorant people, watching them defending their arguments with insults, flailing at me like 6-year-olds. There is more to say about this but I was just interrupted by school, yay…Au revoir, mes chers “lecteurs!”

PS: I like to draw too.

Art Feature – Crazy Caligari

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This featured artwork here was inspired by the silent film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, and drawn by my best friend Placebohoe. Check out her gallery here at deviantArt. You will find a good variation of dark arts. I especially love her surreal styles, motives and her pencil-and-ink drawings. Here is a link to her blog: Unfortunately, it is all written in Swedish.